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DW English ao vivo

To the point — Sweden and Finland join NATO: Strategic defeat for Russia?

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1 de março de 2024
00:30 UTC
To the pointSweden and Finland join NATO: Strategic defeat for Russia?
With NATO expanding into the high North and the French president saying he can’t rule out sending ground troops to Ukraine, could the West get pulled into conflict with Russia? Our guests: Alexandra von Nahmen (DW); Daniel Hegedüs (Expert for Eastern Europe) Wolfgang Richter (military expert)
01:00 UTC
DW NewsNews
01:15 UTC
DocFilmThis Stolen Country of Mine - Part 1
Ecuador is a country with pristine nature, lots of natural resources - and a corrupt government. The film follows Paúl Jarrín and his resistance group, who are fighting against the exploitation of his homeland, accompanied by the journalist Fernando Villavicencio.