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Talabijin kai tsaye - DW English

Talabijin kai tsaye - DW English

Planet A — Can India’s great green wall stop desertification?

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Tsarin jadawali

February 21, 2024
19:15 UTC
Planet ACan India’s great green wall stop desertification?
Planting Great Green Walls in an attempt to restore dry land has become a continental effort, led by governments and NGOs in both Africa and China. Now India has ambitious plans to do the same. But planting and sustaining millions of trees in water scare locations is a huge and complicated undertaking. To regenerate plant life at scale, what can India do differently?
19:15 UTC
Conflict ZoneConflict Zone Special: The Future of Israeli-Palestinian Relations
Townhall Discussion from the Munich Security Conference - Sarah Kelly interviews her guests: Mohammad Shtayyeh, Prime Minister Palestinian Authority / Ayman Safadi, Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister / Tzipi Livni, Israeli former Foreign Minister / José Manuel Albares Bueno, Spanish Foreign Minister / Mélanie Joly, Canadian Foreign Minister
20:00 UTC
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