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TV en direct — DW English

TV en direct — DW English

DocFilm — Siblings - Love, Hate, Rivalry

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29 février 2024
12:15 UTC
DocFilmSiblings - Love, Hate, Rivalry
We learn and hone our emotional, moral and social skills with siblings. Our personalities take shape within the family unit in the early stages of our lives with brothers and sisters. Which influences wield the greatest impact during this time?
13:00 UTC
DW NewsNews
13:15 UTC
BusinessWhy is the West so desperate to compete with China's solar sector?
China controls the majority of the global manufacturing process for solar energy - a stark contrast to its position 15 years ago, when Europe was the sector's unchallenged leader. The reason? A heavily subsidized industry and lots of government financing. As well as a sharp decline in costs for consumers. But Western nations decry an unfair market advantage.